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  • African PinkMixed Beads Necklace

African PinkMixed Beads Necklace

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African Pink MixedBeads Necklace

African Pink Mixed Beads Necklace From Ghana 100% hand made specially for you.

The rich history of Ghanaian beads dates back to ancient times when they were first used as the King’s currency for the exchange of slaves, textiles and alcohol.

Later on, they became popular in the ancient coming of age rituals for girls.

Today, they are valuable as foreign exchange earners, as well as tourist attractions.

The modern day woman – both African and non-African, is rediscovering the beauty of these Ghana beads which are today growing in popularity.


The colors of Ghana beads have meaning.

For instance, in certain parts of Ghana, white colored beads evoke fertility; blue colored ones are associated with purity; while golden ones are a symbol of wealth. 

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